1st inning forward defense → reprimanding substitution → 3 consecutive pitches… Sutton, who was strong, but lost 4 consecutive games in a row

From the first inning onward, we played forward defense. They replaced players who made mistakes and pitched three straight shutout innings 토토사이트 . The Lotte bench sent a clear message. But what they got back was a futile losing streak.

Lotte lost its fourth straight game against the KT Wiz 6-7 in 12 extra innings at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Aug. 8.

It was their third straight loss in about two months after losing the previous game in extra innings. The series was clinched and they were on the verge of a series sweep. Before the game, Sutton said, “We’re going to refocus from today because we can turn the tide and go on a winning streak,” adding, “We’ve been struggling a little bit in recent games, but we’ll get through it as a team. “We’ve been struggling a little bit lately, but we’re going to get through it as a team, and I think the girls have a good sense of urgency.

The stern message from the bench was evident in the first inning. In the top of the first inning, Lotte got a surprise triple from leadoff hitter Kim Min-hyuk. It was an instant run-rule situation. However, the bench sent a clear message that they shouldn’t give up an early run. Even though it was only the first inning, the team pressured the opponent by pulling the infield. The defense didn’t work. Kim Sang-soo gave up a single that slipped through the infield. However, the will of the bench was clearly conveyed. No more runs were scored after the first inning.

However, the game did not go Lotte’s way. Lotte fell victim to KT’s cohesive offense. Even the starting staff couldn’t contain KT’s bats. He gave up a run in the third and two in the fourth to fall behind 0-4. Then came a series of bad defensive plays in the fifth. With one out, Lee Ho-yeon grounded out to first base, but first baseman Ko Seung-min’s throw to second was a bit inaccurate. Shortstop Lee Hak-joo barely caught the throw, leaving only one out at second base. It was a dangerous situation. Then, with two outs, Kang Hyun-woo hit a grounder to shortstop Lee Hak-joo, who missed it this time. The ridiculous error kept the inning alive and allowed Hwang Jae-gyun to hit another run. The futile process widened the gap to 0-5.

The LOTTE bench sent a message once again. In the top of the fifth inning, Lee Hak-joo and Ko Seung-min were replaced by Kim Min-soo and Jung-hoon, respectively, for their poor defense. Earlier, Lee Hak-joo had replaced Noh Jin-hyuk in the fourth inning due to a sore left wrist. However, the lack of concentration sent a stern message to the defense.

The players responded to Sutton’s stern message in the seventh inning. The earlier substitutes played a crucial role. Kim Min-soo led off the seventh with a big triple to left-center field. Park Seung-wook followed with a walk, and with runners on first and third, Yoo Kang-nam grounded into a double play. Hwang Sung-bin walked, but Kim Min-seok doubled to left-center with two outs and Jung Hoon singled to left to make it 3-5. Then, Jeon Jun-woo, the team’s most experienced player, hit a dramatic two-run shot to tie the game.

Lotte regrouped. In the top of the eighth inning, with the game tied, they unleashed their bullpen. Jung Sung-jong, who had pitched a no-hitter in the seventh, came in and gave up a walk to the leadoff batter. Jang Se-jin then laid down a sacrifice bunt to put runners on first and second. The bullpen then brought in Koo Seung-min. It was a three-pitch at-bat. He gave up a straight grounder to the first batter on second base, but Kim Min-hyuk flied out to center field and Kim Sang-soo struck out to end the threat.

The game continued to be close. There were many close calls and dramatic situations. In the ninth inning, closer Kim Won-joong couldn’t hide his anxiety and was hit by a timely double by Hwang Jae-gyun. It was 5-6.

However, Lotte kept the momentum going. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Jeong Hoon doubled and Jeon Jun-woo singled to put runners on second and third, and Ahn Chi-hong made a freakish hit over the third baseman’s head. It was a dramatic 6-6 tie.

Lotte couldn’t finish the job and the game went to extra innings. Even in extra innings, Lotte missed a chance to end the game. In the bottom of the 11th inning, leadoff hitter Kim Min-seok singled and Jung Hoon sacrificed to put runners on first and second, but Jeon Jun-woo and Ahn Chi-hong both struck out.

Veteran Yoon Myung-joon then got himself into trouble in the 12th, giving up a squeeze bunt to Lee Sang-ho with the bases loaded. First baseman Jung Hoon, Yoon Myung-joon, and the Lotte bench were left in disbelief. Lotte fell to their fourth straight loss, and the wounds grew deeper.

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