A special meeting with a fan…McCarty “It was a small gesture, big impact”

It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to us.”

Left-handed pitcher Kirk McCarty (28-SSG) met a special fan before the Incheon Kiwoom game on March 3. Her name is Im Hwa. She gave him a box of homemade snacks and an autographed jersey. “I apologized for not saying thank you at the time,” McCarty said. Their generosity touched me and my family deeply.”

Here’s the story. It was after a match against Busan Lotte on March 21. McCarty was traveling to Incheon with his family after the away game. They stopped at a highway rest stop. His daughter, Kate, who had just turned one, started whimpering and crying. She grabbed the yogurt that Ahn Ami and Im Hwa were holding nearby. McCarty was probably the 메이저사이트 most embarrassed by the unexpected situation. He quickly tried to return the yogurt, but Kate insisted that she liked it. The two fans laughed and accepted the gift.

McCarty, who was still reeling at the time, later shared the story on the club’s video channel. She left a message saying she wanted to find the fan. A fan who saw the video contacted the club. This is how McCarty and the fan were reunited. “My daughter was embarrassed because she was crying so loudly in public,” McCarty said. I’m so grateful for their generosity.” Anami and Imi Hwa added to the heartwarming sentiment by saying, “It was such a small thing, but we are even more grateful to you for expressing your feelings.”

McCarty made his KBO debut this season with SSG. As of May 5, he is 5-2 with a 2.64 ERA in 10 games, anchoring the center of the mound. On several occasions, he has expressed his satisfaction with life in Korea and shown his affinity for the country. With this, she is further closing the distance with her fans. Ahn Ami and Im Hwa said, “We both became McCarty fans with this opportunity. We’ve marked our jerseys. We will continue to support Mr. McCarty throughout the season,” they said.