After returning from the 2nd team, becoming a ‘Mr. Zero’ pitcher, a great turnaround in the 3rd year, Hanwha bullpen center

 After going to District 2, I became ‘Mr. Zero’. Right-handed pitcher Joo Hyun-sang (31) is the main character. Returning from a complete transformation, he has now become an indispensable presence in the Hanwha bullpen.

Joo Hyun-sang returned to the first team on the 16th of last month and recorded an ERA of 0 in 10 games, 12 innings and 2 holds. During this period, he allowed 4 hits, 3 walks and 14 strikeouts.

Thanks to Joo Hyun-sang’s performance, Hanwha was able to finish the first half well, winning 8 games in a row.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said, “Joo Hyun-sang did better than expected. In the case of Hyun-sang, he got better when (Yoon) Dae-gyeong was bad. The timing was right,” and he picked him as a player who performed better than expected in the first half.

Joo Hyun-sang, who joined as an infielder in 2015 from Cheongju High School and Donga University, played 118 games in the first team until 2016. He had a career batting average of just 0.212 (47 hits in 222 at-bats). The third baseman defense received a passing grade, but the batting was disappointing.

he made a decision He turned to pitching in 2020 after completing his military service. After coming to the first team as a pitcher in 2021, he worked as a bullpen pitcher for two years. He posted an average ERA of 3.58 in 43 games and 50⅓ innings in 2021, and an average ERA of 6.83 in 49 games and 55⅓ innings last year.

However, the start of this year, which was his third year as a pitcher, was not good. He faced the opening game in the first team, but in the second game, against Gocheok Kiwoom on April 2, he allowed a walk to end the ninth inning and became the losing pitcher. On April 7th, after 1 scoreless inning against SSG, he went down to the 2nd team and came up to the 1st team in mid-May, but after three appearances, he was again excluded from the entry.

It went through adjustments in the Futures League and was refined again. He pitched primarily as a closer, appearing in 14 Futures League games (14⅓ innings), going 1-1 with 6 saves and 1 hold with an ERA of 1.26. He struck out 13 catches. Most surprising of all was that he did not allow even one shot.

And since he returned to the first team, he has been playing as Mr. Zero.

Joo Hyun-sang looked back on the first half of the season, saying, “It was a pity that I couldn’t throw a lot because I was sluggish at the beginning of the season. Still, thanks to coming back like this and giving me a lot of opportunities, I think there were good results.”

If there is any adjustment in group 2, it is technical. He changed the extension. He explained, “Before, I was strong at trying to throw the ball from the spot, but now I practiced throwing it long when I lifted my legs.

Even until May, the average ERA soared to 7.11, but it dropped to the 2-point range (2.45) while running a scoreless march.메이저도메인

Joo Hyun-sang promised, “I try not to pay attention as much as possible, but people around me talk a lot. Since there are still few innings, the score will go up.

The first half was like a roller coaster. Now prepare for the second half.

Joo Hyun-sang said, “I will try to have the same mindset as in the first half. Then there will be good results again.” When I entered, my goal was to play 50 games, but I couldn’t for two consecutive years. I think this year will be difficult, but I will try to get as close as possible.”