‘All 21 players played!’ Kim Eun Joong-ho’s victory formula

The third match of the group stage against Gambia.

Coach Kim Eun-joong opted to 먹튀검증 make seven changes to the starting lineup from the second game.

Among the defenders in particular, he replaced all but three players except Kim Ji-soo, and contrary to expectations, the organized defense held off the Gambia without conceding a goal.

That’s the biggest weapon Kim Ji-soo has in his star-studded defense.

[Lee Young-pyo/KBS Soccer Commentator: “The defensive organization that is consistently shown no matter which players are on the field. Even against Gambia, they went in with seven players, but they didn’t have any defensive problems and kept a clean sheet.”]

The national team has had all but one goalkeeper on the field in the five games.

That speaks to their confidence in their organization, which could be a big weapon against Italy, who have a strong offense.

On offense, it’s also encouraging to see that different players have scored goals in different games, including Lee Seung-won, Choi Seok-hyun, and Bae Jun-ho.

This has been a rare occurrence in Korean soccer so far, and the team is looking to make history.

[Park Hyun-bin, U20 national soccer team: “If all 21 players, including substitutes, prepare hard with one mind and one heart, I think we can do well in the remaining quarterfinals in Italy and the final if we win again.”]

With the mindset that all 21 players are the main players, the national team is expected to have a new star against Italy.

I’m Shin Soo-bin from KBS News.