‘Because of the four pitches and six balls…’ Rare record no-hit four (4) runs…third team no-hit no-run in history

It’s a no-hitter. The NC Dinos Future pitchers completed a no-hitter against the Samsung Lions bats. But they failed to score a run. They didn’t even score one run. They gave up a whopping four runs without a hit.

NC won the Futures League game against Samsung 12-4 on April 24 at Masan Baseball Stadium in Changwon, South Korea.

After pounding out 16 hits, NC didn’t allow a single run on the mound. Five pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter for nine innings. However, they did give up four runs. It was due to six four-pitch at-bats.

Rookie starter Shin Young-woo broke the no-hitter with five innings of scoreless relief, throwing 89 pitches against 19 batters.

Of those 19 batters, four were hit by four pitches, 15 were hitless, and a whopping 11 of them struck out. Only four batters were hit by a pitch.스포츠토토 His fastball, which topped out at 153 kilometers and averaged 147 kilometers, and his big curveball, which cascaded down to the bell like a waterfall, left the Samsung batters hanging.

Park Joo-hyun pitched a scoreless first inning against Samsung on April 24. Photo courtesy of NC Dinos Future Team
With a 6-0 lead, left-hander Park retired the first three batters of the sixth inning. In the seventh, Lee Hyun-woo came in and ended the inning with a K-K-K.

The third team in the Futures League was on the verge of a no-hitter.

With a 10-0 lead, the top of the eighth inning was a problem.

One out later, Seo Ju-won reached on an error. Lee struck out Lee Sung-gyu to load the bases. The fourth pitcher, Choi Si-hyuk, suddenly faltered.

He walked six batters in a row and scored four runs on four pitches. With the bases loaded, Song Myung-ki came in and struck out the next batter to put out the fire.

Song struck out the side in the ninth with two more strikeouts to end the game.

If it weren’t for Choi’s six-pitch at-bat in the eighth inning, it would have been a team no-hitter.

There have been four no-hitters in the Futures League since 2010, the last year for which computerized records are available.

On September 17, 2011, Lotte’s Lee Yong-hoon pitched the first and last perfect game against Daejeon Hanwha, striking out 10 batters in nine innings and not allowing a single base runner.

On August 13, 2013, four pitchers, including Samsung starter Kim Gun-pil, achieved the first team no-hitter against Hampyeong KIA.

On June 14, 2015, Lotte’s Lee Jae-gon threw the first no-hitter for Samsung Electronics in Ulsan with nine innings of four-hit ball, five walks, and nine strikeouts.

On September 18, 2021, five pitchers, including KIA starter Park Gun-woo, threw the second team no-hitter of their careers for Hampyeong Samsung Electronics.