‘Best batting average in Korean high school’ Whimoon High School Kim Min-seok, Lee Young-min Batting Award

Whimoon High School infielder Kim Min-seok (18), who boasted the highest batting average in high school baseball this year, received the Lee Young-min batting award.

On the 19th, Kim Min-seok won the 토토사이트 Lee Young-min batting award at the ‘2022 Baseball Softball Night Event’ held at the Seoul Garden Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul, hosted by the Korea Baseball Softball Association. This award is given to the player with the highest batting average in high school baseball this year.

This year, Kim Min-seok swung a fire bat with a batting average of 50.16 (33 hits in 64 at-bats) in the high school baseball weekend league and national tournament organized by the association. Thanks to this performance, Kim Min-seok was nominated by Lotte as the third overall pick in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) rookie draft this year.

However, Kim Min-seok could not attend the awards ceremony. Kim Min-seok is currently playing in the league by joining Geelong Korea, an Australian professional baseball team played by Korean players.

Lefty Yoon Yeong-chul (18) of Chungam High School won the High School Excellence Award. Yun Young-cheol, who was nominated by the KIA as the second overall pick, displayed outstanding pitching with an average ERA of 1.66 in 15 games this year. Yoon Young-chul said, “It is an honor to receive a big award before graduating from high school.”

Sungkyunkwan University Lee Jun-ho was selected as the university’s best pitcher, and Dankook University Yoo Hyun-in was selected as the university’s best hitter. The two were nominated by NC and kt, respectively.

Coach Jeon Gwang-yeol, who led Gyeongnam High School to the Golden Lion, received the Kim Il-bae Leadership Award. Seo Ji-ho (Seokgyo Elementary School), Jeong Jae-hun (Segwang Middle School), Jo Hyun-tae (Incheon Seogu-ri), Park So-yeon (Daejeon Ladies Women’s Baseball Team) are excellent baseball players, Kim Ha-hyeon (Shinjeong Girls’ Middle School), Kim Ha-neul, Kim Yu-jin (Sangjeong High School), Joo Ha-yeong (Sangji University) ), Park Min-kyung (Dankook University), Kwon Gyo-hee (Gyeongnam Sports Association), and Lee Gyeong-min (Incheon Sports Association) were selected as outstanding softball players.

Seongnam High School infielder Gong Do-hyeok won the Model Award. Gong Do-hyeok performed CPR to save a man in his 50s from falling down last August.