Busan gave away Park Jeong-in to E-Land and recruited Kim Jeong-hwan…’Reunion with director Park Jin-seop’

Busan I-Park has reorganized the offensive team through trade.

Busan announced on the 14th that it had traded Park Jeong-in for Kim Jeong-hwan to Seoul E-Land. Kim Jung-hwan’s uniform number is 11.

Born in 1997, Kim Jung-hwan is evaluated as a side striker with excellent dribbling and penetrating skills and brilliant techniques. It is also noticeable that he plays sincerely with his vigorous activity.

Kim Jeong-hwan, who joined FC Seoul in 2016 after graduating from Baekam Middle School and Shingal High School, was not given many opportunities to play. He moved to Gwangju FC in 2018 and was consistently used by manager Park Jin-seop, who was the head coach at the time. He recorded 10 goals and 6 assists in 56 games over three years, and his skills blossomed. He also contributed to Gwangju winning the K League 2 in 2019.

In 2021, he joined Seoul E-Land FC and performed well in the first year with 3 goals and 1 help in 19 games. Busan said of Kim Jung-hwan, “He played in 12 games this season and has no scoring record,” but “I expect to reunite with manager Park Jin-seop in Busan and show off his attacking ability without regret.”

Kim Jung-hwan said, “It’s unfamiliar to me because I suddenly moved the team,” and said, “My teammates, coaches, and coaches help me a lot.”

Kim Jeong-hwan reunites with Lim Min-hyeok in addition to director Park Jin-seop in Busan. Kim Jung-hwan is the same age as Lim Min-hyeok and is the motive of joining FC Seoul. In 2018, they moved together from Seoul to Gwangju and worked together.메이저사이트

It is the same as leaving Gwangju ahead of the 2021 season, and joining Busan this season is also a common feature. When asked if he had contacted Lim Min-hyeok separately, Kim Jung-hwan replied, “I haven’t received any separate contact.”

Lastly, Kim Jung-hwan expressed his aspirations, saying, “I’m half worried and half excited, but I hope I can quickly melt into the coach’s soccer, win a lot of matches, and play fun soccer.”