Come Wontae and smile, I hope Captain Cha will be happy…, I’m going my own way” A delightful counterattack of a ‘former’ native ace, a truth hidden in it

 LG Twins leader Cha Myung-seok (54) and Lim Chan-gyu (30) are a delightful antagonist.

Although they are close and like each other, they do not hesitate to make jokes openly through the club’s YouTube and media outlets.

On the 29th of last month, General Manager Cha said on LG Twins TV’s ‘L Tube wants to communicate’ about the reason for trading Choi Won-tae (26), “It is a great starting resource, and it was also intended to alert young pitchers.”

Then, he added a clever lie, “Actually, I don’t want to see Lim Chan-gyu make the 3rd selection (laughs)”, causing laughter.

Director Cha laughed, saying, “It was said that Lim Chan-gyu’s performance this season could be a reflection of the light, but he was warned, ‘Don’t regret it’.”

But he was sincere when he spoke the truth. “(Lim) Chan-gyu did a really good job. Obviously, the best player in the first half is Lim Chan-gyu. Without Chan-gyu, it wasn’t easy for him to get first place. He himself put a lot of effort into it,” he praised.

Lim Chan-gyu, who won his 8th win of the season against Samsung on the 6th, mentioned general manager Cha’s praise during the training interview, and responded, “I saw El Tube, but it seems like I don’t have it in your heart, captain.” I think I have no choice but to do my best to express myself.” Then, he laughed at the crowd, saying, “Player Won-tae Choi came and the general manager has been smiling these days.”

Choi Won-tae may not have alerted only young players. Lim Chan-kyu also rebounded after recruiting Choi Won-tae.

In August he won both. It was a 2-run win in 5⅔innings against Kiwoom on the 1st, and a 1-run victory in 5 innings against Daegu Samsung on the 6th. In particular, against Samsung, he led the team to a 7-4 victory by catching 7 strikeouts with aggressive pitching.

8 wins and 2 losses in 20 matches, an average ERA of 3.26. It is a result that is incomparable to a local ace.

Lim Chan-kyu, who had an MVP-level performance in May with 5 wins, no losses and an average ERA of 1.97. In the two matches against KT in July, he was slightly shaken. It was a moment that changed his mind.

“I could have a lot of thoughts because the content of the 2nd game in July was not good, but I reset my mind before entering the Kiwoom match in August. I think I got a lot of strikeouts like today because I played more aggressively,”

he said.

“I think it’s my role to throw as hard as I prepared at the beginning of the season, just as drawn on the drawing paper, where the team needs it.”

The state of indifference and indifference. He does not cling to the position of a native ace given to Choi Won-tae.

“I think Won-tae is the native ace of our team. Whether it’s his record, his age, or his content, he’s like that. I hope Won-tae plays the role of an ace well, and if I continue to do well like now, (Lee) Jeong-yong or (Lee) Ji-kang, And I think that there will be more synergy with (Kim) Yoon-sik, who is now in the 2nd Army.”꽁머니지급

After trading Choi Won-tae, he pitched 2 games in a row. Director Cha describes it as the ‘catfish effect’, but Lim Chan-gyu sees it as ‘the effect of careless fighting’. A slightly different interpretation.

In any case, the results are being gathered into a positive synergistic effect.