‘Crown Prince’ In-beom Hwang “Reunion with coach Bento? Any team if you call me”

“I saw an article that coach Bento is connected to the national team. I can go to a club team. .”

Hwang In-beom was always followed by the modifier ‘crown prince’. This is because coach Paulo Bento called Hwang In-beom by name and appointed him with constant trust. When Hwang In-beom first joined the national team, there were voices doubting his skills. However, coach Bento believed until the end and eventually proved the reason in the World Cup finals. After finishing the round of 16, Hwang In-beom met with reporters in the joint coverage area and shed tears while conveying his gratitude to coach Bento.

Hwang In-beom appeared at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 16th to join his team, Olympiacos (Greece). 안전놀이터 Hwang In-beom greeted the fans and held an interview with the reporters for 15 minutes after diligently conducting his fan service. This time, he also thanked coach Bento and cheered for the future. Bento’s destination after the expiration of his contract with the Korea Football Association has been discussed in various ways. When he asked Hwang In-beom if he had imagined a reunion, he said, “I think any team would be grateful if you called me. I don’t know the future of a person,” leaving the possibility open. Below is the full text of the interview with Hwang In-beom at Incheon International Airport.

-I had a short vacation,

but I spent it hectic. He had a lot of family, acquaintances and friends to greet here and there. Thankfully, there were many places to call. Having a good time in Korea gives me strength and goes back to Greece. I think I can show you a good look. It was precious.

-How are you?

The league resumes on the 21st. I had a good rest, but I couldn’t rest, so I did light training. I will go back and give my best in every game in the league just as I gave my all in the World Cup.

– You must have needed to supplement your stamina. What about health food?

There are so many delicious things in Korea. I ate a lot, did basic strength training, and recovered well. I think I can show a good image with the power of eating Korean food.

-You seem to have had a lot of conversations with Kim Min-jae and Hwang Hee-chan, both of the same age, but we

still keep in touch. Heechan seems to have already played a practice game. Minjae seems to have some time to rest. Everyone is in the same situation as me. It’s time to go back to reality after 3 weeks like a dream. I have to go back to my team and repay the grateful time and undeserved love I felt at the World Cup with a good image. I don’t know when the national team will be called up again, but if I get selected, I will show you the soccer that I showed during the World Cup again.

– You don’t seem to want to go back to reality, but it

really felt like a dream. It’s not that I don’t want to go back to my team, and it’s a pity to leave Korea. So this is my job, my job.

– Did the achievement of the round of 16 motivate you?

You played 4 matches during the World Cup. I really found a lot of confidence and felt that I was lacking. I will think about those things carefully, make my confidence mine, and try to fill in what I feel lacking.

-I proved my competitiveness against world-class players

The World Cup is a precious event, and memories should be made into a turning point. It is a world that can be weeded out if one is drunk, unable to wake up, and wandering.

-If you have had a separate conversation with Director Bento, you have not had a

personal conversation. We were together when we talked as a whole. I expressed my gratitude through text, but the director said that the person to be thankful for was himself. I hope that the director’s career is full of good things. I will also try to show a good image.

-After the round of 16, I was shedding tears in the mixed zone, but I couldn’t express my gratitude to coach Bento. What if there is something unanswered?

cried like a child There is absolutely no shame in crying. I felt grateful and sad at the same time. Over the past four years, the person who trusted me more than anyone else was the director. Now, he felt so much regret that he couldn’t be with such a director. So I cried. I’m glad I can speak calmly now. It remained as a good memory. I hope that in the future, you will make better memories than the memories you have with us.

– Did coach Bento say anything to Hwang In-beom, who was crying?

Before entering the locker room, he cleaned up all his tears. I couldn’t see myself crying. If you saw it, you would have said why are you crying?

– Have you ever imagined the day when you will meet Bento again

? I saw an article about Bento being linked with the national team. He might go for the club team. No matter which team you go to, if you call me, I think any team will be grateful. People don’t know the future. I want to support the coach while doing my best in my current position.

– Who is the next national team coach that the players want?

As a player, I can think, but I am cautious about expressing myself through the media. One thing I want to say is that I want someone who can drag on for 4 years as coach Bento showed me. It is only twice in history that our national team has advanced to the World Cup away round of 16. Director Bento did it. The standard and eye level for the next World Cup will be higher. If a shaky coach comes, the players can falter too. I hope that the director trusts us, and a great coach we can trust comes along.

-You showed a lot of confidence throughout the World Cup, but looking back, I

wasn’t certain that I was going to the round of 16 for some reason. However, he was confident that he would not end the three group stage matches in vain. I was confident that the soccer we played would work against strong teams. I didn’t dare to be sure that it would lead to the result. The opponent was too strong. During the three games, I saw and felt a lot. got the result I’m glad I can say this with confidence again after everything has passed.

-Resolve when you return to your team

You have to play about 30 more games until the cup competition. You must return to your team’s mode as soon as possible. There is a big difference between a national team and a team. Since I am a player who plays in the center, I have to coordinate a lot of things. You have to prepare step by step so that you can make it 100% from the physical condition.

-Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

You came so many times. There are old fans. Earlier, it became a ‘Wolcle’ to me. There are too many people,’ he said. When I asked if it was good without it, he said, “It’s good because there are a lot of them.” A lot of people come to me, get autographs, and ask for photos. It increases each time you leave the country. It is not important that the number of people seeing off increases. I have to show a good image during my career as an athlete so that the people who came can always support me in the future. I am also grateful to the reporters. It is not easy to come far from Incheon. I will show my efforts as a player and as a person so that people who pay attention to me can fall in love with me more.