Daegu FC not losing in Jeju… Significant debut goal and debut match

Daegu FC, which has shown a strong performance in the Jeju expedition, took place on the evening of the 7th at Jeju World Cup Stadium in the away game against Jeju United in the 21st round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023, 2-1, with the first come-from-behind victory of the season, and moved up the rankings to the upper division area again. Raised.

After returning to the first division in 2017, Daegu has been undefeated in the Jeju expedition since 2018, the following year. Multiple overlaps added to the value of victory.

It was the first goal scored in the K-League since Jang Seong-won, the protagonist of the winning goal, debuted in Daegu in 2018.

Jang Seong-won, who only played in Daegu and succeeded in scoring his first goal only in the 6th season, said, ‘I wanted to score my debut goal at home, but I am so happy that I scored a goal in a dramatic moment in front of many fans who were like home. I wanted to score a goal before his retirement, but the goal has increased.”토토사이트 순위

If Jang Seong-won’s debut goal led the team to victory, Lee Jong-hoon, who was born in Daegu and has played all of Daegu FC’s age groups, made his debut on the ground in the Jeju expedition that day after 3 years of joining.

It’s not a long time, but Lee Jong-hoon, who played with the team’s come-from-behind victory, said, ‘I was happy to enter in a winning situation. It was a dream-like time because it was his long-awaited debut match. He added his determination to become a helpful player to the team by working harder for those who have waited, saying, “I aspire to continue increasing my time, and I will do my best to accumulate attack points as a striker.”

With the team’s first come-from-behind win of the season and a valuable and impressive win that added a player’s first personal experience, Daegu aim for an edge in the fierce mid-top competition with a streak of victories against Gangwon FC at home on the upcoming Tuesday.