Debt? In the end, ‘adults’ must stand upright

Professional baseball and student baseball have different pursuits, but there is one thing in common that must be matched. It is that ‘adults’ have to show the right side of themselves.

Not long ago, I heard a report that the leader of a certain school is often seen in entertainment districts. It is said that once or twice can be done as an adult, but if this is repeated, it becomes a habit. So, graduates of the school and former coaches said, “As a coach, I can’t stick closely to the players and guide them, but is it a good thing to appear in entertainment districts so often? You have to wake up.”

Student baseball requires the correctness of adults.
Even in professional baseball, those who sell their son’s fame should wake up.

The problem is that if the leader behaves outside of his duty, the power of the school itself is weakened. This is because rumors spread among parents and scouting of proper players is not possible. Then, only the players who are somewhat lacking in skills are accepted as freshmen. Of course, no one knows what type of player they will grow into because student athletes are growing fast every day. However, in order to do that, it takes a lot of effort, and for that ‘effort’, the leader must stand upright. However, if such a leader does not have the basics, the vicious cycle of not receiving satisfactory new students will inevitably repeat.

However, this is not an exception because it is professional baseball. Even in professional baseball, ‘adults’ must show the right image. 스포츠토토 This magazine has already reported on the ‘debt’ alone, but what is surprising is that there are not a few cases like this in all directions in professional baseball. It is not revealed on the surface, but there are definitely cases where he borrows money from his son’s fame and then disappears. And this can happen not only in professional baseball, but in any sport. In fact, in football, there was a news report that the son paid off his parents’ debt instead of this ‘debt’.

Like this, even in professional baseball, adults must stand upright. If you send your son to the pros, you should be extra careful not to disgrace his face. However, rather, some parents who show the wrong side of ‘Sinabro’ by using this are causing social problems. As a result, players also pay off their parents’ debts at first, but when this happens repeatedly, they often end up ending the relationship on their own. In response, those who care about the players often repeatedly express the opinion, “I hope that the players will not be injured due to parental problems.”

However, curiously, even in a situation where parents are rotting their children due to debt, there is a commonality that the ‘sons’ who are engaged in baseball do not resemble these parents and live uprightly. Even if their parents chose the wrong path, it would be possible because they thought they would only walk through baseball.

Kim Yun-sik, who appears as a teacher in the movie ‘Wandeuk’, tells his father, who is worried that Wandeuk (Yoo Ah-in) is doing kickboxing, “If you go to the families of so-called problem children, there are many cases where the parents’ minds are rotten, not their bodies. I don’t think that Wan-deuk, who lives with such an upright father, ever goes astray. Kickboxing? That’s a really good exercise for Wan-deuk.” Those who want to be treated as ‘adults’ should take the meaning of this line seriously.