‘Devil’s Talent’ Matt Bush, ML Survival? ‘Tex and Minor Contract’

Matt Bush (37), who fits the word devil’s talent, immediately sought a new team after being recently released. He signed with his home team, the Texas Rangers.

CNN SI of the U.S. reported on the 13th (Korean time) that the Texas Rangers had signed a minor league contract with Bush. For the time being, he is expected to play in the Minor League Double-A.

This is back to Texas after one season. Bush had worn a Milwaukee Brewers uniform in Texas through a trade in August of last year.

However, Bush showed great sluggishness this season due to injuries, etc., and was eventually released from Milwaukee on the 4th and obtained qualification as a free agent (FA) player.

Texas, which lacks relief staff, will expect Bush to do the same as he did last season in 2022. Bush posted a 2.95 ERA in 40 games with Texas last year.

However, Bush has suffered from a shoulder injury and has lost a lot of his speed. His four-seam fastball average velocity has dropped from 97.4 mph last year to 94.8 mph this year.

He can’t expect good results without restoring restraint. In 2016, Bush’s best year, his four-seam fastball averaged 97.8 mph.

Bush, as is widely known, was the player selected with the first pick in the 1st round in the 2004 rookie draft. However, drunk driving and assault caused major problems.

Bush also served three-and-a-half years in prison for causing the death of a hit-and-run drunk. This is what is called the devil’s talent.

Afterwards, Bush changed his position from shortstop to pitcher in 2016, 12 years after the rookie draft, and made his major league debut.메이저사이트주소