Embarrassing Lee Kang-in… Will Neymar leave PSG after Mbappe?

The possibility of a breakup between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Neymar is growing. This is because while Neymar wants to leave the team, the PSG club is also in a position to open the door to transfer if there is an appropriate proposal. Another world-class striker Kylian Mbappe’s future in the new season is also unclear. It is an embarrassing atmosphere for Lee Kang-in, who would have expected to work with Mbappe and Neymar by joining PSG.

Sky Sports of England said on the 9th (Korean time), “The contract between Neymar and PSG has three years left, but PSG will listen to Neymar’s transfer proposal after expressing its intention to transfer him.” He said he would want between 50 million and 80 million pounds (about 84 billion to 134.3 billion won) for Marr’s transfer fee.

According to reports, PSG wants to reorganize the team around young players, and Neymar, born in 1992, is expected to be far from a key player in Luis Enrique’s system. Considering the high annual salary of 25 million pounds (approximately 42 billion won), the local explanation is that PSG does not feel much pressure from parting with Neymar. 

Neymar wants to return to his home club Barcelona, ​​but it is unclear whether the return will become a reality due to Barcelona’s financial problems. However, as PSG has left open the possibility of Neymar’s transfer, other European clubs as well as non-European countries such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and the United States are expected to compete for Neymar.

Neymar played for Barcelona in 2017 and wore a PSG uniform through a transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 320.3 billion won). Neymar’s transfer fee at that time remains the record for the highest transfer fee of all time. However, it was difficult to secure playing time for reasons such as injuries, as the most played in the last six seasons was 22 league games in the 2021-22 season. Neymar is also contemplating a transfer for a new challenge.

With Lionel Messi already leaving for the United States, and the possibility of a transfer to Neymar emerging in a situation where even Mbappe is likely to break up, the PSG attack team is in an atmosphere of complete reorganization.

First of all, we crossed the river of no return with Mbappe. PSG asked for a contract extension or a transfer this summer to Mbappe, whose contract expires next summer, but Mbappe rejected all these offers and stayed. If this continues, he can start looking for a new team next year as a free agent (FA) player. The PSG club gets no transfer revenue, and Mbappe can sign a record contract through free agency instead. Real Madrid is currently the most likely next destination.

In the midst of this, the PSG club is in a situation where they are trying to ‘erase Mbappe’ by excluding Mbappe from the pre-season Asian tour and recently excluding Mbappe from first-team training. It is a superpower that will pressure Mbappe to induce him to leave the team this summer. This is the background of the local prediction that Mbappe will eventually leave this summer in search of a new team.

In a situation where Mbappe’s future is unclear, even Neymar is likely to leave the team, so this aftermath is expected to flow to Lee Kang-in. When Lee Kang-in initially joined PSG, what was highly anticipated was the attacking collaboration between Lee Kang-in, Mbappe, and Neymar. In particular, when Lee Kang-in’s sharp pass was completed by world-class strikers, there was also a high expectation that Lee’s attack points, such as assists, would also soar.

Unfortunately, as soon as Lee Kang-in joined, the possibility of them all leaving one after another was raised, so Lee Kang-in has no choice but to be regretful. This is because the value of names such as Gonzalo Hamus and Marco Asensio, who have to work together, are of course significantly lower than those who leave the team.스포츠토토

In particular, Neymar had been especially close to Lee Kang-in throughout the pre-season right after his transfer to PSG, so the possibility of his transfer would be regrettable for Lee Kang-in as well. At least, we should take comfort in the fact that if world-class players leave, Lee Kang-in’s weight in the team may increase that much, but this is not entirely welcome, as it is inevitable that it will be a huge burden right after the transfer.