Even if you sweep, it’s the lowest, last place war? ‘6 consecutive wins’ Hanwha looks up, not down

 The 9th and 10th places met at an unfortunate moment.

The Hanwha Eagles and Samsung Lions will play three weekend matches in Daegu. It sticks hard.

But for different reasons. The home team, Samsung, hit bottom. There is nowhere else to fall. 1 win on Sunday after 5 straight losses in 2 weeks.토토 가입머니

No win yet this week. In resignation, Lotte suffered two defeats first, and was almost swept. He avoided the rain and saved his pitcher and came over to Daegu.

Samsung’s primary goal is to escape from the bottom. You must catch Hanwha. Only then will there be hope for the lowest escape. But in this 3-game series, it is impossible. In the meantime, the distance has widened. It’s 4 games. Even if you win all three matches, you cannot overturn the rankings.

On the 30th, Samsung’s ace duo such as Buchanan and Won Tae-in, following Choi Chae-heung, will launch a series of life and death decisions. We have to end the 5 consecutive losing series by sacrificing Hanwha. The victory is also desperate for the home fans, who continue to support us as the 4th place in the crowd despite poor results.

Hanwha has a different idea from Samsung. The goal is not to escape last place.

no more looking down It came up pretty high for that. Only the 9th place in the ranking, there is not a single lump of 7th, 8th, and 9th places. Only 0.5 game difference with 7th and 8th place KT and KIA without riding. It is a will to jump to a higher place by intensively injecting 1st to 3rd starters such as Moon Dong-ju and Pena Sanchez as a scapegoat for the declining Samsung.

The atmosphere is good. Pajuk ran a 6-game winning streak. On the 30th, with Moon Dong-ju at the forefront, he will challenge for 7 consecutive wins in 18 years.

As the game goes on, the young players gain experience and become stronger. Nick Williams, a substitute for Brian O’Grady, is also unusual. He hit two doubles in two games. His appearance is enough to become a catalyst for other ships.꽁머니지급

Two teams of different dreams. Which team will laugh on Sunday? Although the goals are different, it seems clear that both teams are at an important watershed.