Even the best shooters get nervous in POs… 2 open chances he trusted missed

Robinson vowed not to forget the loss.

The Miami Heat lost 103-104 against the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs at the Amway Center in Miami on Monday (Feb. 28).

Duncan Robinson is Miami’s most reliable and best shooter. It’s safe to say that the former undrafted free agent has earned his spot in the NBA with his shooting ability. Despite being held back by his below-average athleticism and poor defense that makes him a target for opponents, it’s his accuracy that has earned him a five-year, $90 million contract.

Robinson is a shooter who has left his mark on NBA history. On Dec. 27 of last year against Minnesota, he reached 800 three-pointers in just 265 NBA games, setting a new record for the fastest time to reach the milestone. Robinson previously held the record for the fastest time between 200 and 700.

This season was the worst of his career, with his role on the team significantly reduced, but Robinson came alive in the playoffs. After expanding his role in the final stretch of the regular season, Robinson found his shooting touch in the playoffs, averaging 43.8% from three-point range. As a sharpshooter, overlooking Robinson is a risky proposition.

Even in Game 6, Robinson was a threat. With Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo silenced and Tyler Hiro out, he energized the team’s offense. 먹튀검증 His teammates aggressively set screens throughout the game to create open looks for him, and he showed off not only his three-point shooting but also his sharp cutbacks to score 13 points.

In the shootout, Robinson continued to defend the court, which led to a heartbreaking moment for the opposition. With the score 97-100, Miami trailed by three points. Robinson had a perfect wide-open opportunity. Far from the defense, Robinson took one dribble and then threw up a shot.

It was too perfect, and Robinson, who had made three of his previous four three-pointers, couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity to tie the game. Still confident, Robinson didn’t hesitate to shoot a three-pointer when he was open again in transition with 25 seconds left in regulation, but this time the rim deflected his shot.

Derrick White’s buzzer-beater gave Miami a one-point loss to the Thunder, so Robinson’s missed open looks are bound to stick in the mind. However, it’s hard to place all the blame for the loss on Robinson, who did his part in the offense.

Robinson said after the game, “I got overly excited. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get that moment out of my head for a long time,” he said after the game. “We’re not going to forget this loss and we’re going to make it up together,” he said.

A playoff battle where even one of the league’s best shooters gets nervous on open shots. The series between Miami and Boston is now down to Game 7. Can Robinson shake off his Game 6 disappointment in Game 7?