Following Bae Ji-hwan, Kim Ha-seong was also victimized… Damage after absurd judgment

 Korean major leaguers became victims of misjudgment.

In the 2023 Major League Baseball match against the Pittsburgh Pirates held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 29th (Korean time), Kim Ha-seong of the San Diego Padres started as the first batter and second baseman, recording no hits and two strikeouts in five at-bats.

From the first at-bat, the decision to lose heart gave Kim Ha-seong a sense of collapse. In the first inning, Ha-seong Kim faced Pittsburgh starter Mitch Keller and struck out looking.

It was an absurd strikeout decision. In the 2-ball-2 strike, Kim Ha-seong watched Keller’s 94.5 mile (approximately 152.1 km) outside sinker on the 5th pitch. It was an obvious ball out of the strike zone. However, the referee saw the ball as a strike. When the strikeout was announced, Kim Ha-seong immediately looked at the referee and couldn’t help but laugh.

His unfair decision affected the next blow. In the 2nd out 2nd and 3rd base chance, Kim Ha-seong kicked Keller’s 84.1 mile (about 135.3 km) sweeper outside the 5th pitch, but it became a floating ball in left field. The ball came to the course that was judged as a strike in the first at-bat, and he actively hit, but failed to produce a hit.메이저사이트

Overall, the referee’s strike zone was wide. He also called a strike on an outside ball that exited the border line. Not only Kim Ha-seong, but also some San Diego batters had a hard time adapting to the referee’s strike zone. San Diego manager Bob Melvin, who was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision, protested from the bench in the 7th inning and was eventually ejected.

Pittsburgh’s Bae Ji-hwan suffered severe damage from the referee’s absurd decision the previous day. In both at-bats in the 3rd and 5th innings, all high pitches outside the strike zone received strike calls.

In the end, Bae Ji-hwan poured out his anger. In the 6th inning as well, when the ball that came toward him became a strike, he immediately appealed to the referee. The referee immediately gave the order to leave. The inside ball also did not enter the strike zone. Bae Ji-hwan, who had difficulty maintaining a normal batting balance, only had 2 at-bats, no hits, 1 RBI and 2 strikeouts.