‘Foreign pitchers are coming’… Why is Hanwha’s signing of a foreign hitter dela

The Hanwha Eagles are looking for a new foreign bat, but the situation is not favorable.

Hanwha announced the release of foreign hitter Brian O’Grady on March 31.

The team signed him for a total of $900,000 ($700,000 salary and $200,000 incentive), but he struggled mightily. He was sent packing just over two months into the season.

In 22 games this season, O’Grady batted just .125 (10-for-80) with eight RBIs and three runs scored. Neither his long ball nor his power have met expectations. He hit 15 home runs in Nippon Professional Baseball last year, but he hasn’t hit a single one in the KBO. O’Grady was the only one of the 10 foreign batters who didn’t hit a home run.

In the end, Hanwha chose to part ways.

It’s been ten days since then, and we 토토사이트 haven’t heard anything about a new foreign hitter. In the meantime, KT has brought in William Cuevas, who played four seasons for the team until last year, to replace Bo Schuler, and Doosan has released Dylan Pyle and is looking to bring back Brandon Waddell.

Only Hanwha’s foreign pitchers, who have been arriving one by one, have not been heard from.

“Looking at the market, it’s hard to find an outfielder,” Choi Won-ho told reporters before the game against LG on September 9.

The team is not giving up. They’re still making offers, including background checks, but there’s no response.

“There are five or six players on the list,” Choi said. Two were called up to the majors. Others are not being negotiated for various reasons, such as club non-negotiability, minor guaranteed contract options, and family objections. So the time is getting longer and longer,” he explained.

It will take time, but Hanwha still needs a player who can help the batting lineup in the second half.

When asked what type of outfielder he prefers, Choi said, “Of course, a player who can hit the long ball well is the best. “If they can’t field, if they don’t have a focus, if they’re ambiguous, they’re useless. There is no use. I like the style of Park Gun-woo or Son Ah-seop. They have the ability to make contact, and they can be a middle-of-the-order hitter if they come to Korea. Then, if you have power and can play defense, you can make plays.”

There are two ways to do this. Choi says, “You can either look at the type of player, or you can pick an older player with good stats. I don’t think any team will give you a young player with good stats. I’ll talk to the front desk and try to pick one.”