“Golden generation players will show their abilities! I’m not satisfied with the participation in the World Cup” coach Bell’s absolute belief in ‘three points’ ahead of the Morocco game

“I believe it will be a game where our players prove themselves.”

Colin Bell, coach of the women’s national soccer team, conveyed his absolute trust in the national team players, who have been together for five years ahead of the fateful match against Morocco.

The Korean women’s soccer team (ranked 17th in FIFA), led by coach Bell, will face off against Morocco (ranked 72nd in FIFA) in the second round of Group H at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia on the 30th at 1:30 pm (Korean time). In the first game against Colombia on the 25th, they lost 0-2. Ahead of the final match against strong Germany on the 3rd of next month, the match against Morocco is a game in which three points must be won. The same goes for Morocco, who lost 0-6 in the first leg against Germany. Defeat for both teams means two consecutive losses, soon to be eliminated in the round of 16. It is literally a brink of battle.

The last World Cup with the golden generation of Korea, who won the 2010 Under-17 World Cup, placed third in the Under-20 World Cup, and won the gold medal at the 2009 Belgrade Universiade. Together at the 2015 World Cup in Canada, they wrote the history of the first round of 16, the history of three consecutive World Cup finals, and the first Asian Cup final last year, and the history of runner-up. However, the 2-1 victory over Spain in Canada in 2015 is the only World Cup stage. They have 1 win, 1 draw and 9 losses in 11 matches, and 5 losses in a row. The confrontation with Morocco is literally a game of desperate need to revive the embers of the round of 16 along with a history of one win.

Before the game against Morocco, Bell ordered that he put his absolute trust in the ‘golden generation’ players and unfold his everything 100% without being nervous. “We have personally very talented players,” he told reporters around the world at an official press conference. “I’ve been working with these players for the past four years to give them more confidence. It’s not enough to just go to the World Cup. We have to be a team that pushes all the way to the final. We have to keep going to the next level. “I’m going to ‘push, push, push’,” he said.

“They are very capable players. I always say to our players, ‘You are a capable player.’ I want our players to be exposed more to these difficult situations. We have to overcome this tension. It’s a good thing, but we must go beyond that. I want to stay here for a long time.” “I am a bit nervous because it is my first game against Colombia, but I hope to show my all without being nervous in the game against Morocco,” he said. Coach Bell compared “Canada and Ireland,” saying, “Our players are nervous in the first game. If you look at Canada-Ireland’s first leg (2-1 win), you can see that Ireland was the better team in the first half, but after an own goal made it 1-1 just before halftime, Canada became a completely different team in the second half. That’s football,” he emphasized. “Good tension is good, but you shouldn’t feel pressured. We are doing well enough. I hope to show and prove myself on the World Cup stage. We want to show that we can do it. If that happens, I believe we can earn 3 points. We are a strong enough team. I believe that the loss in Game 1 will give us a more earnest desire to win. For some players, this World Cup will be their last, but for others it will be a start.”메이저사이트

Coach Bell, who turns 62 on the 5th of next month, said that his first World Cup as a coach with the Korean national team was a great motivation for him as well. “I can say that I too am heading towards the end of my career. But the World Cup has been a huge motivation for me and I can say for sure that this will not be my last World Cup.”