Griezman!”… Despite the sudden rain, both players and fans enjoyed ‘open training’

Interest was hot even in the pouring rain.

Atletico Madrid (Spain) began training at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 26th to prepare for the friendly match between Team K-League and the Coupang Play Series. The training on this day was conducted as an ‘open training’. Coupang Play selected participants through pre-application, and despite the sudden pouring rain on the day, fans with raincoats and umbrellas gathered in twos and threes.

AT Madrid entered the country on the 25th, the day before. Two days later, on the 27th, we will play a friendly match against Team K-League. His condition and physical condition must have been heavy due to the long flight, but his movements were light. The training, which started at 7 p.m., lasted about 40 minutes.

Each of them touched the ball and warmed up their bodies. Afterwards, the players were divided 7 to 7, excluding the goalkeeper, and started a mini-game. The game was played at a fast tempo, and the fans cheered and reacted to each play.

Due to the sudden rain, the ground was flooded with water. The pass did not go smoothly, but they competed as if they had adapted quickly. When the goal net was shaken, the cheers of the fans grew even louder.

Manager Diego Simeone seemed to enjoy the situation as he gestured to the cheering fans. At a press conference right before the open training, he said, “I received a lot of support from the moment I arrived at the airport. The same goes for hotels. I will work hard to show good performance on the field.”

The most ‘hot’ player was definitely Antoine Griezmann. Most of the markings of fans wearing the Atletico uniform were Griezmann. To the fans’ cry, Griezmann responded by waving his hand from the stands. Sejingya (Daegu FC), Ilyuchenko (FC Seoul), and Anton (Daejeon Hana Citizen) sat in the stands and watched the training.메이저놀이터

AT Madrid are famous for their infamous pre-season training. This is because stamina and activity are essential for Simeonesian football. He digested ‘Death Hill Running’, where he repeatedly sprinted 50 meters at a 30-degree incline, but on this day, he relaxed his body lightly and adjusted his condition.

AT Madrid is a prestigious club in Spain. 11 La Liga championships, 3 UEFA (European Football Federation) Europa League championships, etc. are building the TOP 3 in La Liga with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Coach Hong Myung-bo, who took over the team’s K-League helm, said, “I hope to play the game with pride and the pride of representing the K-League.”