Growing director Yoon Ho-jin “I’m still in my first year, so…”

The first-year coach is learning more from defeat. Yoon Ho-jin’s Yonsei team bounced back from a loss.

Yonsei University won 75-59 against Kyung Hee University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Sunseung Hall on Kyung Hee University’s international campus on Monday.

Coach Yoon Ho-jin said, “We lost the last game against Korea University because I wasn’t good enough, but I’m thankful that the players played hard as one in a difficult situation. I think the players recovered well mentally and played well as one,” he said after the win.

Yonsei pushed Kyung Hee University hard from the start of the game. In the second quarter, they had fun with their zone press defense. They converted the opponent’s turnovers into easy points and raised the atmosphere.

Coach Yoon Ho-jin said, “It’s true that our offense was weakened by the absence of many key players, but we tried to offset the weakened offense with our defense. I wasn’t too worried because they are good defenders and have been playing 먹튀검증 together for a long time. They executed the instructions well, and I think that’s why we played good defense in the second quarter,” he said, explaining Yonsei’s solid defense.

However, Yonsei faltered in the third quarter. Lee Min-seo, who had been playing well throughout the first half, faltered and committed a series of turnovers on offense. During the third quarter, Yonsei coach Yoon Ho-jin was seen yelling at Lee Min-seo after he failed to make a behind-the-back pass.

In response, he said, “It’s true that (Lee) Min-seo was shaky because of his physicality in a situation where he was under a lot of pressure. But Min-seo plays basketball with a lot of showmanship, and when those plays are successful, they are applauded. But right now, I’m trying to restrain her because she’s the leading guard of the team,” he said.

“There are times when you make plays that you don’t have to make and you make mistakes. If the behind-the-back pass was successful, it would have been a good play, but it wasn’t necessary. Of course, I understand and don’t discourage such plays, but it’s a tough situation in many ways. It’s a combination of mistakes that allow the opponent to catch up. That’s why I reprimanded him strongly.”

The victory was even more significant for Yonsei because it came without starting guard Yoo Yoo-sang. Yoo suffered a sprained ankle against Korea University.

Coach Yoon Ho-jin said, “(Yoo) Ki-sang’s injury is a simple sprain. Still, I don’t want to push him too hard at this point. My biggest regret is that I should have taken him out when he was injured in the first quarter, but I’m still a first-year coach, so I think I overworked him. That’s my biggest regret.”