Hwang Seong-bin’s highest increase rate of 140%’ Lotte completes annual salary contract for 2023 season… Han Dong-hee and Lee Hak-ju choose ‘option system’

On the 30th, the Lotte Giants concluded annual salary contracts with 60 people subject to annual salary contracts for the 2023 season.

The player with the highest increase rate is Hwang Seong-bin (26). Hwang Sung-bin signed a contract with an annual salary of 72 million won, up 140% from last year’s 30 million won. Debuting in the first team in May of last year, he played an active role in 102 games with a batting average of 0.294, an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.707, 1 home run, 16 RBIs and 10 stolen bases.

The salary increase rate clearly shows the expectations of the club. Koh Seung-min (23) signed an annual salary of 73 million won, up 92.1 percent from last year’s 38 million won. In the second half of last year, he ranked first in batting average (0.414) among all batters in the league who played more than 100 at-bats.

The player with the highest salary increase is Koo Seung-min (33). Koo Seung-min signed a contract with an annual salary of 248.6 million won, up 37.3 percent from last year’s annual salary of 181 million won. Lotte said, “Seung-min Koo, who achieved 20 holds for three consecutive seasons with 26 holds last year, recorded the largest increase of 67.6 million won.”

Lee In-bok (32) and Na Gyun-an (25), 안전놀이터 who solidified their positions as starting pitchers last year, entered the billion won annual salary side by side. Na Kyun-ahn signed a contract with an annual salary of 109 million won, up 87.9 percent from last year’s 58 million won, and Lee In-bok signed a contract with an annual salary of 145 million won, up 70.6 percent from 85 million won last year. Lee In-bok reached the billion-dollar annual salary for the first time in nine years after joining the club, but is expected to return only in May or June after undergoing surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow on the 28th. After his return, his performance is more important.

Another point to note in Lotte’s salary negotiations this year is the option. Lotte announced, “We presented key players with performance option contracts that can enhance their motivation, and Lee Hak-joo (33) and Han Dong-hee (24) chose them.” Han Dong-hee can receive up to 266.8 million won if he achieves all sexual options. Lee Hak-joo, who is guaranteed 72 million won, can raise his annual salary up to 96 million won.

Finishing pitcher Kim Won-jung (30) signed a contract with an annual salary of 252 million won, a 9.4% cut from last year’s 278 million won. The delayed return due to the aftermath of a rib stress fracture before the season and the aftermath of the time it took to regain the position affected the salary for the new season.