“I have to win today” KT, who is not afraid of winning first place, is now a strong team

“I think today will be different. We have to be different, and we have to win today,”

said Suwon KT coach Seo Dong-cheol, who lost all three matches against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which leads the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball, ahead of the fourth game. .

KGC Ginseng Corporation recently won four games in a row, but coach Seo Dong-cheol’s confidence was grounded. This is because KT is on the rise with five consecutive victories after making the decision to replace all two foreign players.

The beginning was uneasy. In the afternoon of the 6th, in an away game against KGC Ginseng Corporation held at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do, KT gave up the initiative by leading 3-14 until the middle of the 1st quarter.

At this time, director Seo Dong-cheol requested an operation time. After that, the atmosphere changed.

The first counterattack came from Jarod Jones. Jones pretended to aim for the bottom of the goal, but passed the pass to the outskirts, leading to Han Hee-won’s 3-point shot.

KT, which was classified as a strong player before the opening, had a strong strategy to replace both Landry Nnoko and EJ Anoshike when the ranking fell to the bottom. Scorer Jones and big man Lester Prosper were recruited, and the blueprint for the uptrend was drawn, especially as Jones harmonized well with domestic players with clever and altruistic play.

After that, Han Hee-won’s score exploded. They aggressively attacked matchups with relatively weak defense. KT tied with KGC Ginseng Corporation at the end of the first quarter. Even though the start was unstable, it did not collapse. As director Seo Dong-cheol said, I felt the changed potential.

KT introduced Prosper in the second quarter, and tall players such as Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki stood by. At first, the ball did not turn well, so it was not easy to develop an attack. Neither team can see the game as the starting lineup for all 40 minutes. KT had to overcome this time.

At this time, Yang Hong-seok came forward as a solution. Yang Hong-seok, who had struggled against Moon Seong-gon before, hit a 3-pointer with a quick shot.

Director Seo Dong-cheol’s mercenary tactics also worked. In the middle of the second quarter, veteran Kim Young-hwan was put in to order a post-up attack. Kim Young-hwan led the atmosphere by scoring not only his own points but also those of his teammates with his skillful play.

KT succeeded in turning around in the middle of the second quarter and finished the first half with a 49-39 lead.

However, KGC Ginseng Corporation was strong. Moon Seong-gon changed the atmosphere with defense. In an instant, the score gap narrowed to 4 points. Coach Kim Sang-sik, who put Park Ji-hoon first in the third quarter instead of Lens Abando, who played as a starter, was also right.

Nevertheless, KT held up well. Didn’t lose the lead. The outer guns were silent, but Yang Hong-seok fought hard. His fighting spirit prevented the team atmosphere from sinking. Choi Seong-mo, who was put in at the end of the third quarter, stirred the court and led the scoring production.

In KT, who finished the third quarter 안전놀이터 67-63, Jones began to lead the team’s attack in earnest in the fourth quarter.

Jones boasted selfless play, such as assisting Choi Seong-mo’s sharp cut, and did not back down from Omari Spellman one-on-one.

KT once widened the score gap to 10 points, but KGC Ginseng Corporation started to pursue again with Park Ji-hoon’s consecutive goals and Oh Se-geun’s valuable block shot. The score was 79-74 with three minutes left.

In order to become a strong team, you must have the strength to fight and win in the final match. KT was like that.

Director Seo Dong-cheol overturned the out-of-bounds decision by requesting a video review at the crucial moment. Ha Yun-ki scored a bold one-on-one against Oh Se-geun, and Yang Hong-seok stopped Moon Seong-gon from breaking through.

Then, veteran Kim Yeong-hwan put in an important field goal after the operation time and opened the score to 83-77 with about a minute left. Park Ji-hoon hit a 3-point shot and the score gap increased to 3 points again, but KT did not make any mistakes in the remaining time. KGC Ginseng Corporation overcame the terrifying backlash.

In the end, KT defeated KGC Ginseng Corporation 85-83. On the road, they stopped the 1st place team’s 5-game winning streak and continued their 6-game winning streak.

KT gave up the initiative in the early stages, but did not waver. After bringing the atmosphere, it did not collapse even in the opponent’s fierce counterattack.

Kim Sang-sik, head coach of KGC Ginseng Corporation, evaluated KT before the game, saying, “The overall sense of stability has improved. It seems that an atmosphere of mutual trust has been created while winning streaks, and in particular, the confidence of domestic players has improved.” It was the words of the first team coach. KT became a completely different team from the beginning of the season (for reference, the official record update for the Anyang game was delayed due to a computer error).