“It’s unacceptable if it hurts the team atmosphere” – and Seung-Hwan Oh was no exception

“I will not tolerate any player who harms the team atmosphere.”

That’s what Samsung Lions head coach Park Jin-man told his players at their inauguration last winter. “I will not tolerate any situation that 꽁머니사이트 harms the team atmosphere, or if I see a player who is unfocused and unruly during a game, I will take action,” he said forcefully. Park, who rescued the team from a crisis last year with his unique charisma, emphasized the atmosphere of “one team” even after he became the official coach.

On the 16th, something happened that Park emphasized. In the game against the Suwon KT Wiz on the 16th, Oh Seung-hwan’s behavior during the plate discipline became a problem. Seung-hwan Oh took the mound in the eighth inning with a one-run lead and gave up a sacrifice bunt after back-to-back hits by the leadoff batter. He threw only seven pitches, and instead of giving the ball to pitching coach Jung Hyun-wook, who came to the mound to give him instructions, he threw the ball into the stands to show his displeasure. After returning to the dugout, he slammed his glove on the ground and kicked it. The Samsung dugout went cold at the sight of his unusual anger, which was dubbed ‘stone cold’.

Oh’s behavior did not escape the notice of head coach Park Jin-man, who emphasized the team atmosphere. The next day, Park reflected on Oh’s behavior, saying, “As a senior player on the team, he should think twice about his behavior.” A day later, he was expunged from the first team. It took a rainstorm to remove Oh, Samsung’s most reliable resource, who had the lowest ERA in the bullpen (5.17), from the first team. “It’s what the player said because things weren’t going well,” Park said, “but we had to think twice because the team’s mood was sinking (with the losing streak) and we had a lot of young players.

Oh Seung-hwan also admitted that he had a private meeting with coach Park Jin-man. He said, “Suddenly, such a situation occurred and I acted without realizing 메이저사이트 추천 it. “I expunged him from the first team so that he could recover his mind,” Park said. “If he is psychologically stable and in good physical condition, I hope he will recover well and come back because he is a player who will definitely be a strength to the bullpen as a top pitcher.”

Meanwhile, there is no timetable for Oh’s return. He will pitch in the Futures League to gauge his condition, and if it’s good, he’ll be ready for the first team in 10 days, but if it’s not, the team will take a little more time. Park Jin-man said, “For the time being, the team’s closer is left-hander Lee Seung-hyun. Even after Oh Seung-hwan returns, we plan to operate the bullpen based on the opponent’s batting order and situation.”