Kang Dong-gung, Kim Jae-geun, Shin Jeong-ju, Kang Min-goo, Jo Keon-hui – High1 PBA Championship

Even at the beginning of the PBA, the winning player always had a similar face. There were no surprises, but most of the people who climbed went up.

But not this year, especially not the current ‘2022 High1 Resort PBA Championship’.

The headwind is strong, perhaps because 42-year-old rookie Kim Wook caught Kudron and Kasido Costas.

Gang Dong-gung, who won two gold medals, Kim Jae-geun, the runner-up in the previous tournament, Shin Jeong-ju, the first year runner-up, Jo Joon-hwi, Kang Min-goo, the most runner-up in Korea, and Lee Sang-dae, the runner-up this year, 토토 were eliminated in the round of 64.

Among the top players in Korea, only Cho Jae-ho survived. After playing a seesaw game with Hwang Deuk-hee, he barely won 1:0 after a match.

Zapata, Oh Seong-wook, and Kim Im-kwon also won the game and advanced to the round of 32.

Kang Dong-gung, Kang Min-goo, Kim Jae-geun, and Lee Sang-dae all knelt in the game. Kang Min-goo lost to Jang Nam-guk 0:4, and Kang Dong-gung lost to Carlos Angita 0:3.

Kim Jae-geun lost to Oh Tae-joon and Lee Sang-dae to Park Dong-joon.

In this tournament, there were many game-changing games where the score was tied 2-2. Of the 32 games in the round of 64, 15 games, nearly half of them, were match-ups.

Kim Tae-gwan, younger brother of Kim Haeng-jik, advanced to the round of 32 by beating Park Jung-geun in the wind of a match.

Due to the strong winds of talented masters, many former champions were blown away. Six people, including Kudron, were eliminated early, and Cho Jae-ho, Martinez, Zapata, Wimaz, and Palazon maintained their status as champions.