KBO. 3 SSG Future Steam players involved in group harassment

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) will open a reward and punishment committee (hereinafter referred to as the reward and punishment committee) for three SSG Landers Futures (second team) players who inflicted collective punishment and violence. KBO announced on the 18th that “the player will be referred to the reward and punishment committee and will be held privately at 2:00 pm on the 19th.”

The disciplinary targets are three SSG players, including Lee Won-joon (pitcher), who assaulted a junior with a bat. SSG club held its own disciplinary committee on the 13th and released Lee Won-joon (pitcher) involved in the incident.

However, the reward and punishment committee plans to punish Lee Won-joon as well. Whether or not the players subject to disciplinary action will participate in the award and punishment committee has yet to be determined. Athletes may also provide written explanations.

The incident occurred on the 6th at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon, where the SSG Future Steam training ground is located. Player A, who joined as a rookie this year, said that player B, who joined as a rookie this year, was being arrogant. After the fooling around, player C hit player B, who provided the cause, with a baseball bat.

After Player C’s assault, Player D, who was dissatisfied with the group’s harsh behavior, continued to bully his juniors again. Following the group harsh behavior, the second and third additional offenses occurred. The Future Steam coach noticed that he had been subjected to harsh behavior while checking player B’s physical condition. Player C is Wonjun Lee.

The coach reported this to the club. The club reported this to the KBO Clean Baseball Center. Afterwards, the club decided to withdraw Lee Won-jun through its own meeting while responding to the KBO investigation.

As long as the two other players who participated in the collective punishment are punished only by the KBO reward and punishment committee in accordance with the agreement of 10 professional baseball clubs that prohibit ‘double punishment’. The KBO prohibits additional disciplinary action by the club in addition to the disciplinary action of the reward and penalty committee.

In order to prevent ‘double punishment’ between the KBO and the clubs, 10 clubs agreed on this part. On the other hand, Lee Won-jun was a right-hander from Yatap High School and was a promising prospect who was first nominated for the SK Wyverns, the predecessor of the team in 2017.메이저사이트

He has yet to throw a ball on the mound for the first team. Before leaving his club Tam, he appeared in 3 games in the Futures League this season, pitched 13 innings, and recorded an earned run average of 1.38 per win.