Kim Ha Sung showed off his crazy defense skills! Why are 40,000 people shouting Ha Sung Kim… “2G continuous multi-hit”

Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres) showed his multi-hit performance and crazy defensive sense in two consecutive games. It was a game that proved again why San Diego home fans shouted Kim Ha-sung’s name whenever he entered the batter’s box.

Kim Ha-sung started as the eighth batter and second baseman in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on the 17th (Korea Standard Time) and played two hits in four at-bats. Kim Ha-sung, who also played a multi-hit game against the Cleveland Guardians the previous day (16th), succeeded in two hits in two consecutive games. Kim Ha-sung’s season batting average rose to 0.244.

Kim Ha-sung took his first at-bat as the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the third inning. Kim Ha-sung hit his third pitch in the ball 메이저놀이터 count 1-1 against opposing starter Shane McClanahan and stepped down with a straight hit to third base. Kim Ha-sung, who also played as the leadoff hitter in the fifth inning, hit his third pitch but ended up with a ground ball in front of the pitcher.

Kim Ha-sung’s first hit came in the bottom of the seventh inning, when his team was trailing 1-6. a situation in which two outs are no runners. When Kim Ha-sung entered, more than 40,000 home spectators began to shout “Ha Sung-Kim.” They are San Diego home fans who are applauding Kim Ha-sung’s play, who always plays hustle. Here, Kim Ha-sung hit a heavy hit in front of the center field against Tampa Bay’s changed pitcher Jack Rittel. However, he failed to step on the home plate without a follow-up hit.

Kim Ha-sung faced his fourth at-bat in the bottom of the ninth inning, when his team was trailing 2-6. Kim Ha-sung faced Sean Armstrong in a one-out, first base opportunity. After a full count battle, he hit his eighth pitch and completed a multi-hit game with a right-handed hit. Since then, pinch hitter Rugged Odor has continued his full base opportunity by picking up a walk, but Fernando Tatis Jr. lowered his head by hitting a double play.

In the end, San Diego, which lost 2-6, fell into a three-game losing streak. He remained in fourth place in the National League West with a season record of 33 wins and 37 losses. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, won four consecutive games, marking a season record of 52 wins and 22 losses. The winning margin is +30. The winning rate is as high as 70% (0.703). The league ranks first in the American League East.

Kim Ha-sung, who showed good performance in batting. He showed his crazy sense in defense. No outs and runners on first base in the top of the fourth inning. Tampa Bay first baseman Randy Arrozanera boldly stole second base. San Diego catcher Gary Sanchez, who saw this, vigorously sprayed the ball to second base. The throw was quite accurate, and Kim Ha-sung received it and automatically tagged Arozarena. At first, a safe decision was made, but it was reversed to out after a video reading.

It turned out that Arozarena slid and touched Kim Ha-sung’s left foot, not the base. It was as if Arozarena mistook Kim Ha-sung’s foot for a base. However, it was not that Kim Ha-sung made a non-manner play that blocked the base with a spike. Arozarena headed to the dugout with a smile, shaking her head before the video reading came out. It was a moment when Kim Ha-sung’s quick and accurate tag stood out.

A better sense of defense came in the top of the fifth inning, when the team was trailing 0-3. On the verge of losing a point with no outs on second base. Yandi Diaz hit a grounder to second base against San Diego starter Darvish. At this time, Kim Ha-sung, who caught the ball, threw the ball, turning quickly toward third base, not just mechanically. A bold throw to catch runner Jose Siri running to third base. If the throw hit the runner Siri’s body, it could lead to a failure.

However, even Kim Ha-sung’s throwing direction was perfect. The third baseman safely threw the ball to catch it with his left hand, and third baseman Manny Machado, who caught it, tagged out Siri. Kim Ha-sung’s judgment and accurate throwing sense shone at the moment. Kim Ha-sung also showed off his iron wall defense in the top of the ninth inning by showing a tag-out that blocked Walls’ steal to second base.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay made it 1-0 with a solo home run over the left-field wall by Paredes, the leadoff hitter in the second inning. In the fourth inning, leadoff hitter Rayleigh’s double to the center field and follow-up Arozarena’s timely hit to the left field made it 2-0 away. And in the bottom of the fifth inning, he scored a large number of four points to seal the victory. Following leadoff hitter Wals’ heavy double, Siri hit a timely hit to the right. After two outs, Reilly hit a double and Arozarena drew a three-run arch over the left fence. The score widened to 6-0. San Diego recovered one point each in the seventh and eighth innings, but failed to turn the game around. San Diego starter Darvish was shaken by eight hits, one walk, five strikeouts and six runs (six earned runs) in five innings (88 pitches).