LG-Hyundai Mobis fighting for second place, the key point is prim?

12-2, winning rate .857. LG’s away win rate this season is unbelievable even after watching it. LG maintains a particularly strong aspect in the away game to the extent of challenging the highest win rate ever. It is a pace that far exceeds the previous record of 2011-2012 season Wonju Dongbu (now DB)’s win rate of .815 (22 wins and 5 losses).

Also, LG is on a 7-game winning streak. This is the third-highest record in team history. The first place was 9 consecutive wins recorded in the 2014-2015 season. If they continue their 8-game winning streak, which is tied for second place in the club’s history, 2nd place LG can rekindle the competition for 1st place by reducing the ride with Anyang KGC to 2 games again.

It wasn’t just that they were strong on the road. LG recorded 2 home wins in a row and decorated with victories in all 4 recent games, escaping the ups and downs it showed at the beginning of the season. While Lee Kwan-hee’s 메이저놀이터 utilization has increased, Kim Jun-il’s firepower has also been maximized, and the attack seems to have entered a stable state. In fact, LG only scored 69 points in one game during the four-game winning streak, and scored more than 80 points in the other three games. LG showed a well-organized appearance throughout the offense and defense, recording an average of 82.3 points and 70 runs during this period.

Hyundai Mobis also had a bad performance right before the All-Star break, but after the break, they won all 2 games and are aiming for second place again. They all lost until the 2nd round confrontation, but in the 3rd round confrontation, they won 77-73 and shook off their inferiority against LG a little bit.

The key is the gauge prim. Prim shows the ability to control the bottom of the goal, which is definitely one of the first among new foreign players, but he showed poor productivity against LG. Prim averaged 11.7 points and 7.3 rebounds in three games against LG. All of these are the lowest records ever recorded against a specific team. The field goal rate is also only 39.4%. Considering that the second lowest field goal rate was 49% against Jeonju KCC, you can see how much Prim’s efficiency has fallen against LG.

For Hyundai Mobis, Prim’s performance against Asem Marey is so necessary. They also have experience exchanging nerves in the 3rd round confrontation. In the end, it is important how Prim maintains his composure. Prim was fouled out 5 times this season, especially against LG, in all 3 games. As for the 4th round confrontation, Prim’s foul trouble is highly likely to be one of the key points that will determine the contrast between Hyundai Mobis and LG.

Meanwhile, at the Jeonju Gymnasium, Jeonju KCC and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which need a change of atmosphere, face each other. 6th place KCC suffered two consecutive losses after the All-Star break, and its 50% win rate collapsed. 9th place KOGAS made a strong move to replace foreign players, but suffered 3 consecutive losses and fell to 9th place. Coincidentally, in the previous three matches, all teams with only 70 points lost.