Lim Jong-heon, former professional football coach, arrested on charges of bribery and fraud

Former Ansan Greeners coach Lim Jong-heon was arrested.

On the 11th, Lee Min-soo, chief judge in charge of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, issued an arrest warrant after interrogating the suspect prior to arrest (examination of warrant validity) for Lim, former professional football second division manager of Ansan Greeners FC, who is suspected of breach of trust and fraud. .메이저토토사이트

Former manager Lim Jong-heon is accused of receiving 40 million won from player broker Choi in 2018 and 2019, when he was leading Thailand’s Pattaya United FC coach, as a condition of signing two players to overseas clubs. He was also charged with receiving 60 million won from one player.

Former university soccer coach Shin also received 60 million won from Choi as a condition of signing three players to a professional team. While investigating Choi’s other criminal case, the prosecution captured the circumstances of the delivery of money and goods related to joining the company, and it is known that they obtained related materials by confiscating and searching former coach Lim last month.

Chief Judge Lee determined that there was a risk of destroying evidence and decided to review the arrest. According to the legal community on the 6th, on the 5th, the 9th detective division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Kim Hyun-ah) was assigned to Lim Jong-heon (57), former professional football 2nd division Ansan Greeners FC coach, Shin Mo, former university soccer team coach, and Choi Mo, who was a player broker. An arrest warrant has been requested for bribery and treason charges.