‘Overwhelming Japanese Player – Personal Record’ Kim Min-sun, 1st place in ISU World Cup 500m

The female speed skater who rewrote the history of Japan also had to fold her hand in front of Kim Min-sun.

At the 2022-23 International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating 4th World Cup held in Calgary, Canada on the 17th, Kim Min-sun took first place in the women’s 500m with a record of 36 seconds and 96 seconds.

On her first lap (100m), Minsun Kim recorded a lap time of 10.46 seconds, placing her in 4th place overall. In her first 100m, she was about 0.15 seconds behind Dione Voskamp, ​​who was in first place.

However, she increased her speed in the remaining 400m, and Kim Min-sun, who recorded a time of 26.50, recorded a total of 36.96, setting her personal record and reaching the top of the event.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Miho Takagi, 메이저사이트 who swept four medals (1 gold, 3 silver) at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, also raced with a good record of 10 seconds 49 (6th overall) on the first lap, and finished the remaining 400m with a record of 26 seconds 77. She passed the finish line with an excellent record, but the overall record was 37 seconds 26, 0 seconds 30 behind Kim Min-sun. Third place was taken by Erin Jackson of the United States, who crossed the finish line with a time of 37.35.

Kim Min-seon’s record, which widened the gap between her second and ‘0 seconds and 30’, is truly an ‘overwhelming’ record. The 11th place Kurumi Inagawa (37.64) broke the record of 0.30 seconds with Miho Takagi in 2nd place.