‘PBA is the world of Kudron’ Beating his best friend Leppens and winning 7 times in total

Kudron defeated ‘best friend’ Leppens and lifted the first championship trophy this season. In addition, he continued his solo system by setting a record of 7 wins (most wins) in his career.

Frederic Kudlong (Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang Phoenix) defeated ‘Belgian colleague’ Eddie Leppens (SK Rent-A-Car Direct) in the finals of the ‘NH Nonghyup Card PBA Championship 22/23’ held in Sono Calm Goyang, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province on the night of the 5th with a set score of 4. :1 (15:0, 15:11, 15:12, 4:15, 15:7) and won the championship cup.

With this, Kudron regained the top 9 months after the 21/22 season’s ‘Wangjungwangjeon’, the last tournament last season, and secured 889 million won in total prize money, and is on the verge of breaking 900 million won.

On the other hand, Refence, who was aiming for the second championship in 1 year and 1 month after the 3rd game of the 21/22 season (Huons Cup), 메이저사이트 was blocked by Kudron’s powerful attack and had to soothe the disappointment with the runner-up. Mamin Cal (NH Nonghyup Card Green Force) and Park Jung-geun took the joint third place.

Kudron also received the ‘Well-Bang Top Ranking PBA Top Average’ award. Kudron recorded an average of 6.429 in the quarterfinals against Philippos Kasidocostas (Hana Card One Cupay), setting a new PBA record for the highest average (3.550).

Kang Dong-gung (SK Rent-A-Car Direct), who achieved the first ‘perfect cue’ (when one cue ends with 15 points) in this competition, received a prize of 10 million won.

◆4:1 easy win over Belgian colleague Leppens…

Kudron, the 7th champion in his career, led the game from the beginning in the final.

Kudron won the first set 15:0 in just 3 innings with 11 high runs, and took the second set 15:11 (5 innings), making the set score 2:0 at once. The third set was similar. He hit two long hits (6 points, 7 points) and won 15:12 in 5 innings, making the set score 3:0.

Kudron gave the 4th set 4:15 (12 innings), but entered the 5th set and led the game again from the beginning, winning 15:7 (8 innings) and lifting the first championship this season.

◆Eliminated in the round of 128 of the previous competition, ‘Cheolchibusim’… The all-time average record (6.429) was also

held in this tournament by Kudron. Kudron, who finished last season with the PBA’s first four consecutive victories (including the King of Kings), has continued a somewhat sluggish move this season.

Kudron had a good start with a tie for 3rd place in the opening game (Blue One Resort Boat), but was eliminated in the round of 64 in the second game. In the following two competitions, they tied for 3rd place and failed to reach the top. In particular, in the previous 5th game (High1 Resort boat), he suffered the humiliation of being eliminated in the first round of 128.

However, in this competition, Kudron fought hard and reached the top with the highest level of pace ever.

Kudron easily passed through the rounds of 128-16 one after another and met Kasido Costas in the quarterfinals. It drew attention with a return match after 2 years, but Kudron finished the 3rd set in just 7 innings and won 3-0. In particular, Kudron recorded an average of 6.429 in this game, renewing his previous PBA record of the highest average (set system) of 3.550. Kudron defeated Park Jung-geun in the semifinals to advance to the final.