‘Sancho? ‘I’m not that kind of player’… Sancho’s advocate appears

Troy Dini defended Jadon Sancho.

Sancho has been at the center of controversy recently. The incident started with manager Eric ten Haag’s remarks after the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. When asked why Sancho was excluded from the match list, coach Ten Haag at the time answered that it was because Sancho did not perform well in training. In response, Sancho directly refuted Coach Ten Haag’s words through his social media, saying he had never done anything like that during training.카지노사이트

It was literally a protest situation. Neither Ten Haag nor Sancho had any intention of backing down. It was reported that the two met to resolve this issue during the international break, but nothing changed. In the end, Manchester United officially announced that Sancho had been excluded from first-team training. Manchester United, which has not been able to maintain both performance and results in the early part of the season, has been shaken by the events of Sancho following Anthony.

In this situation, a person who took Sancho’s side appeared. Dini was a former striker at Watford for a long time. In an article he wrote in the British daily newspaper ‘The Sun’, Dini said, “No one has ever said that Sancho is a player who does not train hard. Is Coach Ten Haag’s ability to manage players the problem? I think Sancho was a player at Watford, Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund. “I’ve never seen anyone say that he didn’t participate hard in training,” he said, taking Sancho’s side.

Dini added: “Coaches have to be careful when they talk about their players. Sancho has close to 10 million Instagram followers. With just one message, he can reach the media and millions of fans, and they will be able to reach out to Sancho. “I will support it. It’s unfortunate that Coach Ten Haag criticized the player, and I think I understand why Sancho reacted that way,” he said, criticizing Coach Ten Haag’s actions.

However, contrary to Dini’s thoughts, most of the soccer world seems to support coach Ten Haag. Recently, there were reports that Sancho may return to his former team, Dortmund, if the current situation is not resolved.