Seungjang Kim Jong-min, coach “Catbell will be of greater help in attack and blocking in the future”

Korea Expressway Corporation director Kim Jong-min showed a satisfied expression.

Korea Expressway Corporation, 스포츠토토 led by coach Kim Jong-min, won a 3-1 victory over KGC Ginseng Corporation in the home game in Gimcheon on the 6th. The effect of recruiting new foreign player Catbell was clear and raised expectations.

Coach Kim Jong-min cited the reason for the victory, saying, “I thought it would be difficult as I lost consecutive points in one spot after leading the first set.

Regarding the performance of the newly joined foreign player Catbell, coach Kim Jong-min said, “Catbell is not yet fully breathing, but he did well. With Catbell coming in, he has a blocking height that can block the opposing foreign player. The part needs to be matched. If the setter only takes the boldness of the operation in the offensive part, he will perform better.”

He said, “I matched with Catbell yesterday and entered the game today. In the case of back attack, Katarina is a style that requires the ball to be pulled out, and Catbell is a style that needs to be put inside, so it is a little different. This part was not matched in one day.” I was thinking it would get better.

With the addition of Catbell, Korea Expressway Corporation was able to put on a strong drive after the 4th round. Director Kim Jong-min was calm.

Coach Kim said, “It’s good to win as many times as possible. I will do my best in each game. I don’t think about catching the second or first place team yet. First of all, I am aiming for the playoffs. I will prepare well for the next game.”

Regarding Jeon Sae-yan’s performance in today’s game, manager Kim Jong-min praised him, saying, “(Former) Sae-yan did well in the two games without (Park) Jeong-a. If we attack more boldly, there will be better results.”

On the 12th, the Korea Expressway Corporation will fight for revenge against Pepper Savings Bank in Gwangju.