Tension of 8 billion catchers’ batting average of 50% in August! Lotte Backup Catcher’s Rebellion

The water rose properly at the blow. Lotte Giants Jeong Bo-geun proudly took on the challenge.

Lotte won 10-6 against SSG Landers in Busan on the 15th. Starting pitcher Park Se-woong’s 6 innings and 2 runs ‘QS’ good pitching was also outstanding, but above all, it was a complete victory of offensive power.

The Lotte lineup hit the SSG mound that day, pouring out 16 hits and 10 points. What stands out among them is the ‘outstanding’ information roots. Recently, the quality of batted balls has changed. Jeong Bo-geun, who recorded 4 consecutive hits and 3 ‘multi-hits’ from Kiwoom on the 9th to KIA on the 13th, was also named in the lineup as a starting catcher against SSG that day.

It was also placed in the 7th batting order. Manager Larry Sutton, who met with reporters before the game, said, “He has grown as a whole in hitting. There are a lot of strong hits. In the at-bat, he is showing unprecedented confidence. I applauded the growth of information roots.

As if to live up to expectations, Jung Bo-geun played a ‘game of life’. He hit a double in his first at-bat in the second inning, and hit the tying run in his second at-bat. Lotte, who was losing 0-2, started the chase with a hit by Gudrum following Jeon Jun-woo’s solo home run at the end of the 4th inning. Jung Bo-geun hit a timely hit with an RBI that fell in the middle of the right against SSG starting pitcher Roennis Elias in a chance for 1st out and 2nd base. Cheers erupted from the Lotte bench.

activity continued. In the third at-bat in the 5th inning, he struck Choi Min-joon with a chance for runners on first and second bases, and once again struck a left-handed hit. He had a perfect performance with 3 hits -2 RBI.

Jeong Bo-geun energized the lower lineup and boosted Lotte’s offensive power. Lotte started to widen the score gap after succeeding in reversing. Afterwards, the SSG battery also had a difficult match with Jung Bo-geun, who had good feelings. He walked back-to-back in his fourth and fifth at-bats.

Prior to this season, starting catcher Yoo Gang-nam, who was recruited for 4 years at a total cost of 8 billion won, is currently out with an injury. Kangnam Yoo was excluded from the entry at the end of July due to a left oblique injury.

However, Jung Bo-geun, who seized the opportunity in the meantime, is clearly imprinting his presence. In order for a backup catcher to become a regular player, he also needs a bat. The ‘poten’ of the part that was regrettable for Jung Bo-geun exploded.꽁머니지급

Jeong Bo-geun’s monthly batting average in August was a whopping 50.19 li (14 hits in 27 at-bats). Since his professional debut, he has been showing his brightest performance and most confident play every day. It is impressive enough to add tension to his catcher competition.