The cold wave struck, but swimsuit sales jumped 3 times… “I was going to go here”

Even in midwinter, ‘resort look’ such as swimsuits and slippers are selling like hot cakes. It is analyzed that the purchase of related products has increased significantly as demand for overseas honeymoon trips, which have been delayed in the aftermath of Corona 19 , and demand for warm travel destinations such as Southeast Asia have increased. According to the fashion platform W Concept on the

16th , as a result of analyzing customer purchase data from the 1st of last month to the 15th of last month , sales of resort look-related products such as dresses, swimwear, and slippers increased 9 times compared to the same period last year.

Although severe winter cold continues, such as a cold wave, it is analyzed that customers who delayed their honeymoon due to the corona and more people preparing for overseas travel for the year-end vacation are purchasing products for resorts in earnest.

During this period, sales of swimwear, such as swimsuits and rash guards required for water play, more than tripled ( 212 %). One-piece monokini, shoulder shirring, tube tops, high-waisted designs, and cover-up swimsuits that can adjust the body shape were popular. Demand for bikinis that boldly reveal the body was also high.

Sales of summer clothes also increased significantly. One-piece and short-sleeved T-shirts increased by 30 % and 37 %, respectively. 안전놀이터 In particular, mini dress sales are 60% increased Preference was high for shirring, puff designs, sleeveless designs, and chiffon dresses. In the case of short-sleeved T-shirts, clothes emphasizing stripes or colors showed high popularity.

Sales of ‘mules and slippers’ increased 5 times compared to the same period last year, showing the highest growth rate. Slippers and mules, which can be worn comfortably while traveling, are popular. Sandals also increased by 110 %, and preference for fisherman, gladiator sandals or clog-type shoes was high.

The reason why resort look products are so active even in the mid-winter weather, which is below freezing, is because the demand for overseas travel has increased. As demand for overseas travel to Japan and Southeast Asia increased, Interpark sold 121.2 billion won in ticket sales last month, a 203 % increase compared to the same month last year .

Accordingly, W Concept will hold the ‘Winter Vacation’ exhibition until the 30th . A total of 500 kinds of vacation look-related products are introduced at up to 85 % discount , under eight vacation themes, including ‘must-have vacation items recommended by MD’, ‘travel accessories’, ‘swimwear’, and ‘resort look ‘ .

Shin Hee-jeong, head of the W Concept Apparel Unit, said, “Due to the increase in travel demand, demand for summer clothes and sundries is rising even in the middle of winter. .