The world’s best goal scorer who became a ‘neighborhood uncle’ → “I’m not interested in anything!”

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema is a striker selected for the final entry in France for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

However, on November 20, one day before the tournament opened, he left the national team and returned to France, citing a muscle injury in his left thigh. The French national team is playing the World Cup in Qatar without substitutes.

Because it is the national team, it could play in the Qatar World Cup final. France will compete for the championship with Argentina at midnight on the 19th. It is a challenge to win the tournament for the second consecutive time.

Perhaps that’s why the French president also wants Benzema’s ‘return’. French President Emmanuel Macron invited him to Qatar ahead of the final.

Media reports say that President 토토 Macron is persuading not only Benzema, but also Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, among other players who have fallen from horse races due to injuries, to take them to Qatar. Pogba and Kante can’t play in the final because they didn’t make it to the final entry, but Benzema can wear a uniform and go on the ground if he wants to.

However, Benzema announced on social media that he would not play in the final. He has no intention of playing in the finals.

In particular, coach Didier Deschamps was asked during the semi-final against Morocco if Benzema could return to Qatar to play in the final, but he declined to answer.

In this situation, Benzema uploaded a picture of his face wearing a baseball cap and growing a bushy beard on his Instagram.

And then he wrote a word. “I am not interested.”

Real Madrid teammate Dani Ceballos, who saw this, supported his cause by replying with a flame emoji. Also, Lucas Vazquez wrote “home” while adding a flame emoji.

In response, Benzema shared a photo of himself winning his Ballon d’Or this year and captioned it, “Good night.” He emphasized that he just trains with his Real Madrid teammates regardless of whether the president invites him or the coach calls him.

In a word, it showed that he had no intention of participating in France’s World Cup finals. He has fully recovered from his injury and has made it clear that Real Madrid will not accept any intentions to send him back to Qatar.

Of course, media reports say the French coaching staff don’t seem to want Benzema back.