Will the defender of ‘95 billion’ leave after a year… Being pushed to the bench by ’20-year-old Shin Seong’ → Lease + Complete transfer under review

The possibility of leaving the team has been raised by the left-back who recorded an astronomical transfer fee.

The British media ‘Telegraph’ reported on the 15th (Korean time), “Newcastle United is trying to sign Mark Cucurella (25) of Chelsea as a loan player. There will be a specific offer before the summer transfer window closes.”

In fact, they are aiming for a complete transfer. According to the media, Newcastle wants to fully recruit Cucurela after appointing him to avoid violating the Financial Fair Play Rule (FFP). Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney (26) is also under consideration.

Cucurella joined Chelsea from Brighton and Hove Albion in August last year. Chelsea boldly invested 65.3 million euros (approximately 95 billion won) in transfer fees. At the time, Cucurella’s contract with Brighton had four years remaining. Chelsea embraced Cucurella after winning the scout battle with Manchester City. Graham Porter, the Chelsea manager at the time, was said to have strongly wanted the player.

However, Cucurella was criticized for his performances that were far from Chelsea’s expectations. When he was in charge of the central defender at three-back, he often exposed his insecure appearance. He was criticized for his blunt attacking power even when playing as a left-back. He was gradually pushed out of the main competition. Cucurella played 33 games in his first season at Chelsea. Coach Porter, who led the recruitment, was sacked during the season due to poor performance.

Ahead of the 2023-24 season, Chelsea embarked on a major reform. They are dreaming of a rebound by appointing manager Mauricio Pochettino.

The best 11 was also changed. Chelsea activated a three-back in their 2023-24 season opener against Liverpool. Prospect Levy Colwill (20) and veterans Thiago Silva (38) and Axel Disassi (25) were in charge of central defense. Leftback was Ben Chilwell (26).스포츠토토

It will not be easy to compete for the starting position under Pochettino’s managerial system. Cucurella was off the bench against Liverpool. Rather, Ian Matsen (21) or Malo Gusteau (20) took the opportunity to play.

In the meantime, Newcastle are looking to strengthen their left-back. He has put Cucurella as one of his recruiting targets. He is weighing with Arsenal’s Tierney. After signing on loan, he is sticking to the complete transfer method. This is the current situation of Newcastle, which must be vigilant against FFP violations.