“Wouldn’t it be nice to hit a few more?” A strong MVP slugger, the day is disappointing and the head coach is also disappointed.

“I want to keep it running until the 21st.”

This is Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho’s wish. This was said about Noh Si-hwan (23), who was selected for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team and will be convened on the 22nd.

Noh Si-hwan hit his 30th home run of the season against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 2nd. It was the result of one more step toward becoming the home run king, and it was also a golden cannon that ended Hanwha’s eight-game losing streak.

This is the emergence of the slugger that Hanwha dreamed of. He is the 6th batter in KBO League history to achieve 30 home runs among players under the age of 23. Noh Si-hwan has emerged as a heavy hitter who can entrust the future of Hanwha.

Among Hanwha hitters, only two have been crowned home run king: Jong-Hoon Jang (1990-1992, 3rd inning) and Tae-gyun Kim (2008, 1st inning). The last player to hit 30 home runs for Hanwha was Seong-yeol Lee (KT coach, 34 home runs) in 2018.

That’s why Director Choi Won-ho is even more sad to let Noh Si-hwan go. When we met ahead of the game against LG on the 3rd, he said, “Wouldn’t you like to hit a few more? Hitting 30 home runs would have eased the burden on my mind. I want to play as much as possible before being called up to the national team. This will help both the team and the players.” .

Based on his performance this season, Noh Si-hwan was awarded the Taegeuk symbol. Noh Si-hwan is leading in three batting categories this season with a batting average of 0.299, 30 home runs, 90 RBIs, and a slugging percentage of 0.563. He will challenge for Most Valuable Player (MVP) with three wins.

Recently, Star News surveyed 50 people, 5 from each team, to celebrate its 19th anniversary. As a result, Noh Si-hwan received 18 votes and was evaluated as the next most likely MVP after Eric Peddy (NC, 18 votes).토스카지노

MVP selection is made by voting by reporters, but after the survey, on the 31st of last month against KIA, Peddie gave up 7 runs in 3 innings and his earned run average (ERA) increased from 1 point to 2.39, giving up first place in this category to Raul Alcantara (Doosan, 2.25). It has become a variable that can affect the game.

In the game on the 3rd, Noh Si-hwan gave the team consecutive wins with a 2-RBI double that hit the Jamsil Stadium fence in the second inning. From Director Choi Won-ho’s point of view, it was a performance that made him feel satisfied and want to spend even more days.