Yang Hyo-jin and Yasmin are ‘firm’ even without Yasmin, what is the driving force behind Hyundai E&C’s 13-game winning streak?

Opening 13 consecutive victories. Hyundai E&C wrote a new history. 

Hyundai E&C won a set score of 3-1 (20-25, 28-26, 25-17, 29-27) in the home match between GS Caltex and Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Round 3 held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th. did. 

With the victory on this day, Hyundai E&C succeeded in winning 13 consecutive wins, breaking the record for the most consecutive wins in the opening season they set last season.

The winning streak continued from the 1st and 2nd rounds to the 3rd round. Hyundai E&C achieved a great record with its mighty power. 

But not every moment was smooth. After the opening, foreign ‘main gun’ Yasmin Bedart missed two games due to a shoulder injury, and in the first match of the 3rd round on the 15th, ahead of the record, Hyo-jin Yang was also hit with a variable that missed due to Corona 19. 

However, Hyundai E&C has overcome all these variables. It was because of substitute players. When Yasmin was missing, “veteran” Hwang Yeon-joo filled the void, and when Yang Hyo-jin, who was considered irreplaceable, left, “rookie” Na Hyun-soo, with the help of Lee Da-hyun and other teammates, overcame the inferiority and kept the team’s winning streak. It was Hyundai E&C that overcame the crisis wisely with a solid player base and achieved a great record. 

Coach Kang Seong-hyung also said that the players’ unity was more valuable than the joy of achieving a great record. 안전놀이터 After the game on the 15th, coach Kang praised the players who filled Yang Hyo-jin’s void well, saying, “It was a difficult game without Yang Hyo-jin, but the fact that my teammates filled in well in the situation where there was a player vacancy was a factor in the victory.” 

Coach Kang said, “Because we knew that (Yang) Hyo-jin wasn’t playing before the game, the players must have felt a lot of pressure, but if we do well, we think it’s a good way to win.” He continued to praise the players, saying, “Let’s solve it well as we fill the void, and the players did a good job.” 

Appropriate stamina arrangement based on a solid player base was also the driving force behind the winning streak. On this day, Hyundai E&C also properly put in Hwang Yeon-joo and Kim Sa-rang to help Yasmin and Kim Da-in arrange their physical strength. However, no matter who was put in, the structure of Hyundai E&C did not change. Thanks to its strong player base, Hyundai E&C is holding onto the three rabbits: stamina arrangement, various game management, and victory. 

Now, Hyundai E&C is looking at their record for the most consecutive wins (15 consecutive wins) in the V-League. There are only two victories remaining until the 15th consecutive win. Hyundai E&C is facing the Pepper Savings Bank Exhibition on the 18th, the Korea Expressway Corporation Exhibition on the 22nd, and the KGC Ginseng Corporation Exhibition on the 25th. 

However, Yang Hyo-jin’s variable is expected to continue in the future. According to Hyundai E&C officials, Yang Hyo-jin’s quarantine period is until the 18th, so it is inevitable that she will miss the Pepper Savings Bank. Here, director Kang Seong-hyeong is considering giving Yang Hyo-jin more rest. Director Kang said, “The return date is important, but the physical condition is also important. Yang Hyo-jin has been running a lot, so I’m going to give her more rest for a while.” 

With Yang Hyo-jin variable expected to continue for the time being, attention is focused on whether Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s strong player base will be able to create another great record.