Yeo Cheonjoong Shinsoo “Thankful for the opportunity!”

On the 23rd, Yeo Cheon-joong met with the Armed Forces Athletic Corps Commercial Basketball Team as part of the Elite Secondary Basketball Talent Donation Program at Heungguk Indoor Gymnasium in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province. 메이저사이트 The talent donation program is organized and hosted by the Korea Secondary Basketball Federation and the Commercial Basketball Team.

After completing the program, Yeo Cheonjung 3rd grader Shin Shin-soo was grateful for the opportunity to donate his talent. “Looking back, I’m grateful to the federation, Sangmu, and my middle and high school coaches for creating such a great opportunity,” he said.

The player he most wanted to meet through his talent donation was Heo Hoon.

“It was really nice to meet the players I wanted to see, especially Heo Hoon, who is famous and handsome. I like my alma mater, Kim Nak-hyun, but I like Heo Hoon more,” Shin said with a smile.

“I learned the basics, but it was a different feeling because the players taught me one by one, so it was a really valuable time,” he said. “When I first heard about the talent donation, I was nervous and worried that it would be hard, but it was really fun and a good time.”

Shin, who first started playing basketball in the fifth grade, cites confidence as an advantage.

“I’m confident in shooting from the outside, passing, and blocking on defense, so I want to be a well-rounded player,” she said. “I want to become a good player when I grow up and then come to my alma mater to donate my talents like the Sangsung players did.”