Yoon Jung-hwan Gangwon FC Manager & Captain Han-Young Han

Gangwon FC won a 1-1 draw with a theater goal by Young Korea in the match against Gwangju FC in the 21st round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Gangneung Sports Complex on the 7th.

After the game,메이저토토사이트 I met coach Yoon Jeong-hwan and captain Han Kook-young at the press conference.

Coach Yoon Jeong-hwan

■ Overall evaluation of the match = I played in Gangneung for the first time this year, and I think the players did well with enthusiasm and the defense was well organized. A point was conceded at the end of the game, but the players did not give up until the end and it was a valuable victory point. The atmosphere is getting better, but the players want to trust and rely on each other.

■The reason for Seung-Won Lee’s quick replacement = I was still young and there were parts where I couldn’t adapt to the flow of the game or things like this, so I wanted to feel it while playing the game. There are many things to learn while playing the game, so I am letting them play, but it is not a team just for Seung-won, so other players need to be able to play together.

■About the situation of the collision between Alibayev and the Gwangju coach = I didn’t look closely at the situation at the time. Since we are both excited about each other, I think it would have been better if we had more respect for each other. I guess I’ll have to watch the crash scene again and make my own judgement.

■Please introduce the newly recruited Brazilian players = Although they have not yet joined the team, I expect them to do well as they are capable players.

■It was the first home game in Gangneung this season, and the atmosphere at the stadium = The atmosphere at the stadium was really hot, and the players were able to gain strength thanks to the support from many people. It’s a pity that we couldn’t bring the match results, but we’ll do our best to win the next home game and give the fans a result.

■As a player, he earned a reputation as a playmaker, but now Gangwon is paying attention and the player is=It is difficult to compare directly because soccer in the past and soccer today are different. We are looking for players who can do well in terms of game management.

■Compared to Chuncheon, the condition of the grass in Gangneung= The better the ground condition, the better. However, regardless of the condition of the grass, Gangwon shares Chuncheon and Gangneung, so I think we should adapt accordingly.

Captain Han-Young Han

■Overall match rating = We prepared for 3 points, but it is regrettable that we couldn’t get 3 points, but currently Gangwon is 1 point and 1 point is precious. I think positively about the fact that the players do not give up until the end without losing the game.

■About the last scoring situation = It was a situation where you had to score even if you risked extra points. I thought it was a situation where the ball could come, and when the ball came, I worked with the thought that I had to push it actively. Good luck getting in.

■The meaning of the ceremony after scoring = During the game, the announcer said that the largest number of spectators came. My wife is currently pregnant, so I was thinking of doing a related ceremony. It’s fortunate that I held a ceremony for my wife even for a moment at the moment I wanted to regret it.

■The team is in charge of the captain in a difficult time = In the current situation, it is burdensome to claim the captain, and there are times when one game is more worrying and anxious than the other. While talking a lot with the players, I emphasize that each game should be cherished. Since I’ve been working hard since training and life, I’m trying to go one step further with the players.

As a graduate of Munseong High School in Gangneung, attitude towards Gangneung’s first home game =After graduating from Gangneung Munseong High School, the city of Gangneung itself is special to me. I watch all the match results between my alma mater Munseong High School and the youth team Jeil High School, and I try to give advice whenever I meet the players once a year. I hope that both Munseong High School and Jeil High School will grow into good players and contribute to the development of the team as a member of Gangwon FC in the future.

■ Regarding Yang Hyeon-jun’s transfer = It was noisy inside and outside, but he and Hyun-jun talked separately and said that there is a difference between going with a good image and going with a bad image within the team. I am not involved in whether or not I will transfer. Even if I transfer, I think other players will fill it well. The current gangwon players seem to be more important how much more desperate they run.

■ Regarding Lee Seung-won, whom he has been working with recently = I think he is currently in an adjustment period, unlike playing with 20-year-old players and playing with adult players. We talked a lot in the locker room today. Many players have to help Seung-won adapt.